Monday, August 28, 2006

White Cloud Mountain Trip

Ana Day 8 051
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Today we went to the White Cloud Mountains. It was a four hour tour. It was beautiful and interesting but it is so hot here. Our clothes were soaking wet and hair too. (except Ed's ; -) Ana was a trooper but she tuckered out on the bus ride back. It was hazy today so the scenic photos are not very clear. Once we got back to the hotel we had a huge thunderstorm. It didn't phase Ana one bit. She fought sleep for about 3 hours and is finally taking a late nap.

Everyone in our group (11 families) decided to go for pizza tonight so we have all ordered Pizza Hut. What a treat. Ed and I never do this at home! Last night we ate at a wonderful Chinese restaurant here in the hotel with our friends, the Chesbros. The girls did great. No broken plates! Yes, Mei Li has broken a plate at breakfast and Ana Mei broke a plate and glass at the Tai restuarant the other night! These two are live wires!

Tomorrow is a free day until the evening cruise. I'd like to do some more shopping of course, but for those of you who know Ed very well, not sure if I'll be dragging him along again. The days go by pretty fast but I still cannot wait to be home. I miss my Josiah like crazy! It's so hard being away from him. Miss you mom and dad too!

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Jonelle said...

YES! She is a thumb sucker! I am so proud! I have been making sure everyone around the office has seen the pictures and the videos. Everyone is anxious to meet Ana and for you to get back to work! WE MISS YOU! In honor of Josiah I have started counting down your return, only 105 "sleeps" till you hopefully come back! Have fun and stay away from the squat pot, YUCK!