Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Family Beach Vacation

As we wait for our photos of Ana, we're trying to keep busy. We're still hoping to receive them by Christmas.
We finally got to take a mini family vacation. Our original plans were reservations at Gulf Shores, but our condo was damaged by Katrina and the beach was closed. We changed plans the day before arrival and went to Panama City Beach. JT was a great traveler. It took us 10 hours with snack and bathroom stops! JT kept busy playing his drum pad to music and then watching movies. The beach was nice and Josiah had a great time playing in the sand and at the pool. Most of the guests at the hotel were evacuees from New Orleans and Mississippi. Many of them also had their dogs with them which Josiah also loved. God gave us a beautiful sunset every night. Ed and I enjoyed that for sure!