Monday, February 25, 2008

Catching Up - February Happenings

Life has been very busy since I became the Marketing Strategist for women's ministry with LifeWay. It's an amazing new adventure that keeps me going 24-7 along with being a mommy and wife - with little sleep in between. Ana Mei began her first day of all day pre-school at Eagles Nest Acadamy on Feb. 4. Her backpack is bigger than her! She did great. For those of you praying for Ana's potty training, thank you! I think God has answered our prayers. We're nearing the first full month of school and she's only had one accident! Way to go Ana Mei! She loves school. With my job, I'm not able to work from home on a regular schedule so I miss really miss her on those used-to-be days, but I know she's being taught about Jesus while she's there too, so that helps! Also, here's a pic of us playing beauty shop as she likes to call it and she's wearing my velcro rollers!
Josiah celebrated his Happy Adoption Day on Feb. 12. He decided he wanted to go to the mall and Toys R Us and then eat pancakes. Well, Happy Days are not supposed to be about presents but he had a $20 bill from Nana and Papa burning a hole in his pocket! Taking the kids to the mall was a riot! It was like country comes to town! We do not do this much. Ana Mei was so excited. Eyes wide open looking down from above. "Mommy, there are cars down there!" (as they were being displayed). Josiah purchased a couple of Webkinz from a luggage store that had them on sale. That gave him a little left over so we headed over to Toys R Us. There he purchased, one guess grandpa, you got it, more army men because of course he's running low with about 1000 on hand. We ended up at Cracker Barrel where he and Ana Mei had their share of blueberry pancakes. Yum! We also signed up for spring baseball again this month. Looking forward to JT playing again, but not looking forward to playing in the 30 or below degree weather! It is supposed to snow even tonight.
Ed's busy working on music stuff and trying to drum up more business. Now that his duties of part-time stay-at-home dad have dropped off with Ana Mei in pre-school he can concentrate on his work. Please continue to pray for him and his business. Thank you. By the way, he is the most awesome dad in the world! And a true partner around the house. I know he doesn't want this information out about the house part, but I gotta say, he's a better house keeper than I am, that's for sure! Don't worry, honey, you still have your manhood!
I just returned from Going Beyond conference in what seemed the middle of nowhere AR when the plane landed. However, the church was state of the art and the area in Rogers, AR was really nice. This is a women's conference where Priscilla Shirer is platform speaker/teacher. It was awesome! Here are my dear friends and co-workers with Priscilla. She's the tallest of us.