Friday, June 26, 2009

MeiLi's birthday!

MeiLi is Ana Mei's friend and crib mate from China. The Chesbros are great friends of ours even though we seem too busy to get together more often. When we do, it's always a good time. Every year, we make sure the girls get to spend time together and birthdays are a must.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This year, SBC (that's southern baptist convention) was in Louisville, KY so I talked the family into going with me. I didn't get to join in much of the fun, but at least I got to hang with the family some and we were together at night in a nice hotel. Ed took the kids to the zoo and to the Louisville Slugger museum.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Josiah finishes 2nd grade - a full year!

What a year this was for Josiah and all of us. This is the year we realized JT had ADD and finally came to grips with it. He had a wonderful 2nd grade teacher who helped us through it all. Through tears, doctor visits, assessments, and counseling, we are at a place where Josiah is doing great. He can focus, his grades are good and boy what a difference this road has made. Josiah had a fantastic year. He made lifelong friends. We will never forget this 2nd grade class. Mrs. Hayslip was awesome. The whole class ran the music city kids marathon in honor of Connor's (one of Josiah's classmates) mom who had breast cancer and passed away. Josiah attended his first funeral and he became a little man that day. Here are some pics that capture the run, butterfly release party, his pride time award, and the end of the school year.