Monday, August 20, 2007

How precious is this?

Sleeping sound at Nana and Pops.

Josiah's 6 Year Birthday Party - July 30

Josiah turns 6 001
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Josiah had a pool party at our local neighborhood pool. The kids had much fun. Here he is with his new t-shirt that Miss Pattycake signed. Click on the photo to see more birthday pics. I don't think all pics are showing up on flickr. Gotta hit the rack so I'll fix it later. Check it again for more pics.

First grade, already?!?

Here's Josiah on the first day of school. He's sporting a milk mouth! The pics in the solid shirt are the annual photo in Ed's shirt and the last one is first day of kindergarten. I know he grew 3 inches last year. Growing up too fast! I cannot believe the changes in one year. WOW! We go to year around school so JT's already been in school for a month. He's reading like a champ. It's been really tough because it's too hot for kids to go outside at 105 degrees! They have to stay inside for recess an PE. What a drag! Then when he gets home it's too hot to play outside. We're praying for rain here!

I'm back . . . but Rhett's not

Rhett has never been found. I have been so sad and not admitting that I no longer have 2 dogs. I just pray that someone is taking good care of him. I miss him so much. Ana Mei still gives a bone treat to Theo and then says, one for Whett? It makes me so sad especially that she will forget Rhett. I still believe miracles happen today so he may show up yet.