Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Baby Girl is 4 today!

I can't believe that Ana Mei is 4. She had a birthday party yesterday. It was a great day. It just so happened everyone in attendance was Asian. She did invite a couple of "caucasian" girlfriends but they couldn't make it. In the group shot, from back/left to right: Josiah, big brother in the back and Lucy (Ana's school playmate), Elijah (the only boy invited to the princess party) - quarter Asian, Ana Mei the birthday girl, Lena in front (school playmate), Kaia and Mei Li (sisters - Mei Li and Ana Mei were crib mates in China), and Mei Lin and Miyah (sisters and neighbors of ours).

The girls made princess crowns, the boys made visors. Then we all ate, what else? Chinese food! Presents came next, then the singing and birthday cake. Everyone also got to drink out of tea cups from China. And lastly, everyone searched for the glass slipper as big brother hid it again and again. Thank you all for coming and for such a fun birthday to remember.