Friday, August 25, 2006

Days 4 & 5

Ana Day4 003
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Day 4 was a restful day. Not too many photos. Today we had to get her medical exam in order for her to be able to enter the USA. She has an ear infection which we suspected and already have her on american antibiotics. They gave her ear drops too. She weighed in at 22 lbs with diaper and clothes. What a doll. She's got a couple more teeth coming in too.

Reminder: click on the photo and you can go to days 4&5 photos and all of the photos. Click View slide show it you'd like to see them all.

PS: I haven't said much about my hand for there's been a little something to keep me occupied! Please continue to pray. I'm straining it somewhat with keeping up with and holding her. I've been icing it every day. It is swollen most of the time. I'm trying to work it but it is still very stiff. Thanks for the prayers and keeping up with us!

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LaNa said...

Ana is so cute! I'm from China just like her. But I don't live in China. I'm on vacation here and its been great. Please check out my blog:)Later, i'll put pics from my trip. Good luck!