Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pool Time!

Day 6-pool time 009
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Today Ana went swimming and she loved it. She even put her face in the water all by herself. You can click on the photo to see more of today. Ana Day 6 photos (click view slide show). Not too many photos today. The days go pretty fast. The one photo of Ana and the other little one at the pool together - her name is Mei Li. Her and Ana were roommates at the orphanage and now they will both live 10 minutes apart in Franklin, TN. This is so awesome and so God! Their beds were right next to each other and they would play in their beds together every morning when they woke up.


Cousin Danelle said...

I sure love this webpage. I feel like i'm right there with you. It
s neat to see the updates everyday. I am so happy for you all. She is so beautiful and it's neat to think I have a new cousin and cant wait to met her.

I had a lot a fun visting you guys for the short time we did have together. JT is a doll; he sure knows how to use his words wisely. He is a smart boy everytime I took a picture of him at the house party, no matter what he was doing he would stop and smile. It was cute.

we all miss you out here in Cal. Prays are with you and love you all, Danelle

Ashley said...

Ed and Kris-
I was so excited and thankful to get to see all of your journey on line. I have to come back every day to see how you all are doing. Our prayers are with you and cannot wait to see you back at home.
( P.S. I cry every day watching the pics and video!!)

Ashley Jones