Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eating Broccoli!

The only foods so far Ana doesn't like is ice cream and watermelon. We thought everyone might get a kick out of this photo. We ate at the Cantonese restaurant and it was good again. Everyone cannot believe how much the two babies from Foshan City eat for the other 9 babies pretty much only take bottles.

Most of the photos today are from the park down from where we are staying, but I cannot get flickr to work tonight so I'm just posting a couple here. Ana Mei woke up around 6 am so we got out early to see the happenings in the park. It was fascinating to watch the people dancing, doing Tai Chi, and playing badminton so early in the morning. We sat outside a cool coffee shop which had great lattes and watched life in Guangzhou, China.
I went to an upscale mall today with some friends while Ed stayed with Ana. Imagine that, Ed opting out of shopping! It was upscale but the prices were great compared to USA. I bought 2 cute tops and a skirt (for me) all for $22.50 US dollars! We also ate at the McDonalds. It was tasty but no diet coke.

It's hard to believe we only have 2 more full days here. It's been a great experience but we will be so glad to be home with our whole family! Have I said that before? Love to you all!


Mary (looneytunes32) said...

Ana is beautiful! So glad to hear she is doing so well! Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Ana. so happy for all of you.
Darrel &Bety Herman

Anonymous said...

Kris & Ed--I have been so blessed to follow along your journey to bring Ana home. There is an empty spot, though-- I can't wait to see Josiah with her in the pictures! Glad you are home! Love to you all, Ann Dillingham