Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ana Mei Videos

Here's the Videos we promised.
They're less than 2 minutes each. The newest post comes up at the top. Scroll down and and start at Ana's gotcha day if you want to go in order.

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melonie said...

Hi Ed and Kris
I am tring something new to beable to talk to you more Ana is beauitful and I am so happy for you both. Love Mel

melonie said...

Dear Ed & Kris,
Congratualtions! Ana is beautiful and she has such pretty little lips. Thanks for sharing with us your special little girl. I have tears in my eyes. She is precious. I will show mom pictures asap. Love Ya, Mel

Allison said...

Your daughter is beautiful! She has the sweetest little smile. Congratulations.

China Girl said...

Ana is so cute! I love the videos! She a smiley girl!!

-- Megan