Friday, February 12, 2010

Today is My boy's Happy Day

I've missed posting Christmas pics. I missed posting snow pics. I missed posting my girl's birthday. I'm gonna post those, I promise. And I'll pre-date them so they will fall in order. I'm the lamest blogger ever. But at least I try to keep up better on Facebook. But today, I'm thinking about that, "Oh Happy Day", Feb. 12, 2002, when Josiah Thomas sat on our lap in front of a judge and became officially a Seidenkranz, officially our flesh and blood through the amazing blessing of adoption. I'm thinking about Libby, and praising God for her and her decision to give Josiah life and to give us the most selfless gift anyone could ever give. What a sacrifice. I love her and hope to tell her that one day face-to-face. How we love this boy of ours.

After school begins the celebration. Nothing big, just hanging out. Mom, dad, and his Mei Mei . . . without stress, without homework, without A/R reading (thank the Lord), without mommy and daddy working . . . but with lots of laughs, smiles, play, sweets, memories, and yes, this year, more silly bands.

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