Monday, August 04, 2008

July Vacation


Anonymous said...

Hey Kris, Ed, Josiah, and Ana, I love the pictures. I am in Lake Tahoe with my family and I decided to check out your blog spot to see if you had the pictures up yet. My family got a kick out of them. We are having a blast. A bat just flew into the jacuzzi here at our rental house but my dad was a hero and saved the poor guy. I think we are going parasailing tomorrow. Well I will talk with you later. Love Yall, Violet and the family.

Kris - said...

Thanks Violet. So glad you checked it out. I did it really late and see I need to make a few edits. Ed pointed out it wasn't quite in order but I couldn't remember day to day. Also wanted to make a comment about Josiah and Danelle's blankys. Hope you guys have a great time! love ya, tell everyone hello. Kris