Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break - Our Vacation

What happens when you decide to take a vacation but not go anywhere? Well, in our case, the house didn't get a serious clean, bedrooms stayed dirty, beds unmade most of the time, jammies were the attire of choice as long as we were in the house and mom was banned from going on LifeWay email and marketing central! We had a great week! The next several posts give you a glimpse into our week. Dad managed to work a few hours at the house, but he was on vacation too. We really enjoyed our time together. Why can't every week be like this? Oh yea, we have a house to live in, food we should eat, and fuel that cost us our paychecks! All in all, life can't get any better than being together, just the 4 of us!
For you grandparents, you might have more fun reading in order, so go all the way back to Sunday, March 16 - The Frist Center. This way, you can read from bottom to top and get the week in order. Just a suggestion!

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