Thursday, July 19, 2007

A top 5 worst times in my life . . . really

I've been too sad, and life has been too turned upside down on many accounts to blog. My dog, Rhett ran away from my mom & dad's house a week ago yesterday. I have been so sad. I'm not giving up. Ed has been great to do all he can to help with the search. We're posted on several sites, over 50 signs up in the town he ran and checking the pound every day too. He is 13 so I am so worried. Theo (his white brother dog) is grieving too. The kids are okay but it breaks my heart when Ana Mei cups her hands to her mouth and yells, "Wett, where are you?" My heart is breaking so please pray Rhett is safe and will find his way back to us. More later . . .

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More of Paradise!

Beach vacation 6-16-07 004
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Our vacation was everything we could have ever asked for. Awesome little cottage, awesome powder sandy beaches where the locals live and no high rises exist, beautiful sunsets dipping into the gulf of Mexico, a pool to ourselves, and fresh fried grouper sandwiches served at the Rod & Reel restaurant on the pier! It just couldn't get much better than this. Josiah did have an accident the first full day we were there. He slipped getting out of the pool and busted the inside of his lip and lost a tooth. It scared me to death as at first, there was a lot of blood. The tooth was ready to come out anyway and Josiah was excited to have the tooth fairy visit for the first time! I'm using flickr for the pics so the grandparents can see them all. Click on the photo and it will take you to the flickr website where you can see all the pics.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


4 anniversaries to mention . . .
June 14 was a benchmark for Ed and I as we celebrated 10 awesome years of marriage. I neglected to post on that day but wanted to say thanks to Cher Hogue for bringing us together, and to our Jesus for sustaining us and keeping us more in love today than we were even back then.

This past week we also celebrated mom and dad's 49th wedding anniversary. Wow! We got a sitter and wined and dined them at Sandy's, downtown Franklin. It was fun. Ed and I are so blessed to have parents who have been married for 49 and 50 years!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my bicycle accident. I thought about staying in all day, but had to work downtown. The status of my hand is that typing is no problem although it gets sore, however, there is a possibility of another surgery. I still cannot close my hand all the way and do not have any strength in it. I have turned into a lefty in a lot of ways. I hate to write anything lengthy because it hurts my hand and my writing becomes sloppy!

Today also marks the 10 year anniversary of Ed's open heart surgery. He's now healthy and working out regularly, but we couldn't help but think about how I gave him a heart attack after our honeymoon!

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Taste of Paradise!

More to come later. My eyes are closing . . .