Thursday, July 19, 2007

A top 5 worst times in my life . . . really

I've been too sad, and life has been too turned upside down on many accounts to blog. My dog, Rhett ran away from my mom & dad's house a week ago yesterday. I have been so sad. I'm not giving up. Ed has been great to do all he can to help with the search. We're posted on several sites, over 50 signs up in the town he ran and checking the pound every day too. He is 13 so I am so worried. Theo (his white brother dog) is grieving too. The kids are okay but it breaks my heart when Ana Mei cups her hands to her mouth and yells, "Wett, where are you?" My heart is breaking so please pray Rhett is safe and will find his way back to us. More later . . .


Jeremy & Heather said...

Oh Kris! I'm so sorry! We will pray. We thought we had lost Zoe not long after we moved here ... both Jeremy and I were in tears. We are praying!!!!

Cher Hogue said...


I am sorry about Rhett. Caden and I will be praying to. I know how hard it is. Even when we had to put Sasha to sleep. That void is there.
Love, Cher