Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ana Mei Seidenkranz, our precious little chubby girl!
Keep in mind they bundle up the babies so she has a lot of layers of clothes on.

She is now 18 months old. This is her at 13 months. At 14 months, she had 3 teeth, is a deep sleeper (yes!), weighs just under 20 lbs. (not sure if they are counting the clothes), and has happy expressions. Rarely does anyone receive a referral photo of a child smiling or looking happy. Our Ana Mei is smiling and looks happy! We cannot wait to hold her and see the changes that have already taken place.

It is common for the institutions to place an IV in a baby's head when they are sick. It appears that they have done this prior to the photo as it looks like her hair is shaved in the front.


Ryan and Heather said...

She's beautiful!!!!!! (even with shaved hair!) I love her little chubby cheeks, so precious!

Jenny Carlisle said...

She is gorgeous!!!!! I know you all ecstatic. She looks so healthy!!!! Can't chub those cheeks with extra clothes!!!! Congrats!!!! Any idea when you aer going to get her???? So excited and happy for you all!

Pat, Cindy, and kids said...

She's adorable! I love her smile. It's so good to see a happy referral photo. We can't wait to meet our new neighbor and Miyah is looking forward to having a Chinese playmate right across the street.

Joannah said...

She's so cute! What a great smile! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my friends,
So happy to see this precious, happy baby that completes your family! You are going to have a hard time keeping everyone from loving on her. She screams hold me and love me and I will make your heart melt.
Love, the Gust clan

Debbie, Ali and Christy said...

What a sweet little honey! We are praying for perfect timing, safety and JOY!

Beret said...

Your little Ana is absolutely precious!!!

Ed and Lisa said...

She is absolutely adorable! Look how happy she is!!! Congratulations and thank you sooooo much for sharing your joy with the rest of us in waiting!! :)


Denise said...

Ed and Kris and Josiah,
I'm so happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing your joy with me! May God bless you guys and bring Ana here safely!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and precipus girl!! She is amazing as is our God.
love and prayers,
Jennifer and Bill Bennett

Lisa~~ said...

Oh, what a happy girl, congrats!!

McCoy's said...

Yes, LORD!
Can't wait for you to sing to her in church!!

Love, Leighann and Tom

Ann said...

I love how they bundle the kids up so they can barely move. It always makes me laugh. She is a doll. congrats.

Susan said...

Congrats!!! We look forward to following your journey! My sister and her family are moving to Brentwood in July.
Another possibility for the 'partially shaved hair' is that often in the summer months the Chinese believe if the 'bangs' are shaved back it will keep the babies cooler.
God Bless you as you travel to the other side of the world!
Kind Regards,
www.davidclapp.com (check out the 'Some Babies Come by Plane' on the homepage)

The Seidenkranz family said...

Thanks for the insight on the shaved head. I love your website and your kids are beautiful! It's late and I'm traveling so I didn't get to read everything yet, but loved scanning and looking at photos. Brentwood is very close to us. Is a job bringing your sister here? Take care. Kris. BTW, I've seen the davidclapp website and it is wonderful!

Susan said...

Yes, actually her husbands job. It is with United Health Care. They should close on their house sometime during the 4th of July time period. We are thrilled to have them back in TN as they are moving from Iowa which was ~14 =/- hours from us. Now, a 4 hour drive sounds wonderful!

We will follow your journey with great excitement and maybe someday meet in N'ville to let the China "Cousins" get to know each other!

Take Care!

Samantha said...

Congratulations, She sure is Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Texarkana,TX!

So Glad to see that yalls little girl is a happy one! Thanks again for training us! We are finally starting to get the hang of things haha!

Congatulations! God Bless!!

- Rod Arnold

Max, Kim, Tyler, Colby, and Nicholas said...

Hi! We are from Thompson's Station, TN - very close to you! We have an LID of 5/17/06 for our daughter Kinsey. Congratulations- your daughter is beautiful. I would love to keep in touch.
Kim (MRSIII@aol.com)
dh Max
ds Tyler
ds Colby
ds Nicholas

Anonymous said...

Ana looks so happy! Congratulations!
love, Gabbie

K. said...

She is beautiful!
Prayers and best wishes for your trip!


Heather Johnson said...

Kris & Ed,

We are SOOO excited for you guys! She is just beautiful! She is blessed to have you for parents! Can't wait to hear that you are holding her in your arms!

Jumping with Joy,
The Johnsons