Sunday, May 28, 2006


Yes, we are told that we are next on the list for our referral. We didn't make the "end of May" cut as they sent referrals for those families with LID up to June 15 and as a reminder, we have a LOG-IN-DATE of June 20. This means that we should receive a referral the last week of June. It might be the first week of July before we have photos of our little Ana. It is finally becoming a reality. Now it's time to pull out the "to-do" list and start packing! We still do not know how old she is or how much she weighs so we'll have to wait until we hear officially before packing clothing for her.

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Mark Teague said...

You guys are so close. It's an exciting time. When we got our call from our agency it was alomost overwelming. The wait was more than worth it though. Congratulations.