Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Pics

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My sister's visit

Vicki and Jake came during spring break. It was a good visit. Every spring, we do a family mission project where we make lunches and take them downtown Nashville to the homeless. There are lots of homeless in Nashville that hang out at the park down there. This year it was great that my sister, nephew, and mom got to be a part of the project. The kids were amazing. We asked them to write Jesus loves you on the lunch bags but they began to share their heart right there on the bags. The whole thing was amazing to watch. We're looking forward to our next family mission project.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Got some major catching up to do!

So, here we go with the highlights.

#1: Josiah went ice skating for the first time with his teacher and classmates.

#2:Josiah had a fun Happy Day on Feb. 12. We didn't take photos, just went to his favorite mexican resturant and watched movies. First up? Videos of him in the hospital and coming home. It was sweet, so sweet. We are blessed.

#3: We move into March. It snowed March 1.

#4: March 7 and 8 proved to be a crazy busy weekend. The kids had 4 birthday parties to go to, all of which are good friends and we wouldn't want to miss. First up was Ana Mei and her friend, Lucy. Next came Elijah's birthday party for both kids. Josiah had to leave early to make it to Blake's laser tag, then on Sunday, another party for Josiah's friend, Justin. It was a busy time.

#5: Not really a highlight, but I got the flu - like the knocks you down kind. I was down for 5 days. Ed was a rock star takng care of the family. The rest of the family managed to stay away and not catch it. Thank the Lord!

#6: We move into April. Josiah starts a new baseball season. First game? He had an amazing game and got the game ball! Dad and I were so proud. I had to hear the play by play as I was in New Orleans for a LifeWay/Beth Moore conference, but I was so excited for him.

#7: Today we spent the day out at Mr. Steve's farm with close friends. What does that mean? Friends, Baby chicks, mud, hay rides, egg hunts, candy . . . who can ask for more? Yes, Nana, Pops, Grandma, and Grandpa = that's Ana Mei up there and she loved it!