Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm the worst blogger ever . . .

Finally, only because I got an extra hour of sleep last night am I crediting this "catch up" with posting pics on this pityful blog. Seriouly, confess that I am a horrible blogger as I cannot seem to make it a priority, but I'm gonna keep pressing on - especially for the few of you who actually keep up with watching my kids grow up. Thanks for being patient and checking back in every now an then when you rarely see something new. You'll want to scroll down for 3 slide shows. Josiah's mile run. He still would rather hang with friends than beat his last time. He'll make a fantastic short distance sprinter one day. Josiah's soccer season is going great. He's really catching on and it's actually quite entertaining to watch a 7 year old soccer team play. Below are pictures out at my friend's dad's place. He had heart surgery a few months ago so some of the guys went out to help him put a roof on his barn. The kids had a blast and the women had a pretty good time just hanging out. It was a good Saturday.

Beware, I'm gonna post more this week on all the fun fall festival times we had. Stay tuned. Gotta hit the sack for now.

On Mr. Steve's Farm (September Saturday)

Soccer Season

2nd grade mile run