Monday, November 06, 2006

Fall Festival 06

Fall Festival 003
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Ana's first Fall Festival. How fun this night was! Our church has a huge festival that takes a full 3 hours to go through including glow in the dark putt putt and laser tag. JT loved both of these. Ana didn't give a flip about the games but boy did she discover she liked candy!
Click on the photo to see several from the night and others from our Franklin downtown fallfest.

Costume #2

Ana and JT 053
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Actually saving this one to take the street next year but it's already getting lots of play time!

Move over Dad!

Ana and JT 114
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How cute is this!

Ge Ge and Mei Mei!

Ana and JT 094
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That's brother and sister for you american folks! They are doing fabulous! Making each other laugh and loving each other as they learn to live together!
Click on the photo to view this set as a slide show. It is various pics of both of the kids.

Hanging out with Grandpa from CA

Ana and JT 060
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Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. Ana took up with both of them and even started saying "ganpa". That simply thrilled Grandpa to death!
Click on photo to see more photos during their visit.