Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break - Our Vacation

What happens when you decide to take a vacation but not go anywhere? Well, in our case, the house didn't get a serious clean, bedrooms stayed dirty, beds unmade most of the time, jammies were the attire of choice as long as we were in the house and mom was banned from going on LifeWay email and marketing central! We had a great week! The next several posts give you a glimpse into our week. Dad managed to work a few hours at the house, but he was on vacation too. We really enjoyed our time together. Why can't every week be like this? Oh yea, we have a house to live in, food we should eat, and fuel that cost us our paychecks! All in all, life can't get any better than being together, just the 4 of us!
For you grandparents, you might have more fun reading in order, so go all the way back to Sunday, March 16 - The Frist Center. This way, you can read from bottom to top and get the week in order. Just a suggestion!

March 23 - Easter Sunday - Jesus is Risen indeed!

We had a great Easter Day. Ed had to play for 3 services so the kids and I came home after the 2nd service so I could cook. I made a weight watcher lunch which included soft food that my dad could eat as he's at the half way mark on his daily radiations on his throat for cancer. They spent the day with us. It was good to just hang out with nana and pops. My kids have missed them. They haven't been able to spend much time with them lately with Ana Mei in all day school and them going downtown every day for treatments.

March 22 - Saturday Night

The day was great but tonight was even better! Easter goodies came early because dad had to be at 3 services for church Sunday and left the house by 6:30 am. So we decided to do baskets and then dye some eggs. But tonight is what we've all been waiting for. Ana Mei got to see Miss Pattycake live and Josiah got to see Bibleman live. It couldn't get any better than this for these two!

March 22 - Saturday - A big day!

March 21 - Friday

Today we spent most of the day outside. The kids played with the neighbors, the Chapmans in the circle with their bikes and scooters. In the afternoon, we went over to the tennis courts. Ana Mei didn't feel so good today (we think it's allergies as Ed has been struggling with this all week) so she just sat around while the 3 of us hit some balls around. Josiah is doing great and we're looking into a tennis league for him. Ana did manage to perk up for a few slides in the playground. After cooking all week, I decided it was time to go out for dinner, so we went to Cozymels. Mexican, a family favorite!

March 21 - Friday

March 20 - Thursday. Elijah comes to play all day

March 19 - Wednesday afternoon

After baking, we headed off to the movies. Today, it was Horton Hears a Who! A funny movie. Ana Mei did pretty good. After about an hour and several handfuls of popcorn, she was ready to move on to something else. She did enjoy it though, as she talked about it a lot after the show.

March 19 - Wednesday Morning

March 18 - Tuesday

Today we drug the kids to Home Design Expo and purchased a very cool chandelier for our dining room. (Thanks mom and dad Seidenkranz). I'll have to post a photo later. We also took the kids to the park for a while. In the evening, we played several games of Jr. Monoply. Family fun! Ana Mei, dice thrower extraordinaire.

March 17 - Monday

Last night after the egg hunt, baths, and jammies, the kids managed to stay up long enough to watch a movie, My Dog Skip.
Today was cold and a bit of a lazy day. Josiah and I read a lot of books, sat by the fire and ate strawberries, whip cream, and dark chocolate syrup. Ana Mei, Josiah and I played with some of their toys that we never seem to get around to playing. The evening was spent playing Jr. Monopoly. he has several, but this is Josiah's favorite board game.

March 16 - Sunday afternoon - Neighborhood Egg Hunt

somehow a really bad song got connected to this post. so sorry. I'll have to update the photos of this day later tonight.

Sunday - March 16 - The Frist Center

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Franklin TN SNOW!

What fun we had today. Here's a few pics of our morning with our neighbors, the Chapmans.